Quality in Every Cut


Focused on the production of Haddock, we hand cut all produce to ensure only the highest standard of fresh and frozen fish.

What we do

We select only the highest quality of wild fish, caught from the shores of Iceland.

We hand-cut every fillet to ensure that the strain on filets throughout the production process is minimized and the end-product is of higher quality.

With a location that is very close in proximity to Keflavik Airport, we can instantly respond to the wishes of the market, each time, according to its demands.

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Quality in Every Cut
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Only the Best Products Make the Cut

Caught and cut in Iceland

Only cut by hand

Limited CO2 footprint

Stability and reliability in supply

Speedy process from catch to delivery

Hear from our Clients

With Hólmasker we have a supplier that we can trust is only delivering us with the highest quality of Haddock. After many years of collaboration, we know that both our partnership, and our product, is of the highest quality.